Suya, also known as grilled meat is a very popular food here in West Africa at large. There is no denial that this meat called suya is extremely delicious and very tasty.

However, it poses certain risks and dangers to the human health, especially if its being consumed excessively. Its pretty sad to see that most people can hardly go a day without eating this suya. A lot of people have become addicted to it over the years.

This suya is usually sold at poor hygiene places. Couped with the fact that the meat is usually opened and exposed to bad air, so many suya vendors are very unkempt and they roast their meat on all sought of woods, charcoal and sometimes even plastic things which contains bad chemicals and toxins. In this article, I’ll be telling you guys about 3 medical conditions or diseases you can get due to high intake of this suya meat. See them below;

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Medical Conditions You Could Get By Eating Suya.

1. Kidney failure.

Kidney failure is one of the most dreaded and most common medical conditions in the world. People who consume a high amount of red meats such as suya, pork, beef and the rest usually have a higher risk of getting kidney failure and kidney diseases, according to studies.

2. Hepatitis B.

Hepatitis is a type of medical condition that can easily be transmitted by blood. In most cases, suya vendors might mistakenly cut their self with a knife while cutting the meat and it might splash on the meat. Now in the case whereby the seller has hepatitis, those who buy and eat the meat would easily get the disease.

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3. Prostate cancer.

Suya is a member of the family of red meat that usually cause prostate cancer in men. Prostate cancer is a kind of medical condition that occurs when tumours grow in the prostate gland. And this prostate gland is usually found in the male reproductive system. Avoid any kind of red meat including suya, in order not to get this dreaded disease….S££ MOR£

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