The role of the kidneys to the human body is second to none because they as organs responsible for the removal of wastes and extra fluid from your body system. Your kidneys also remove acid that is produced by the cells of your body and maintain a healthy balance of water, salts, and minerals such as sodium, calcium, phosphorus, and potassium in your blood.

Kidney stone is a hard mass of minerals and salt that forms in the kidneys. However, the types of foods and drinks we often consume are the major risk factors for these painful crystals. In this article, I will be enlightening you on four things that can cause kidney stones disease if consume excessively. Some of them include the following.

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Salt is a white solid substance that is commonly used in the cooking and preservation of foods. Itgivestly gives food good taste to the loving of all. However, If you eat a lot of sodium, which is an ingredient in salt, that raises the amount of calcium in your urine. Once you finish eating, any extra oxalate sticks to calcium in the kidneys which can further produce stones

Processed foods

A lot of people do not know that consuming certain foods that are processed can affect their overall well-being. This is due to the ingredients used in processing them, they can cause kidney stones if consumed in high amounts.

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Animal Protein-Rich Foods

Most people love eating foods that are high in protein but research has shown that too much protein in the body can affect health. It is advisable to limit your intake of beef, pork, eggs, cheese, and fish, because they may raise your chances of most types of kidney stones….S££ MOR£

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