Are you living with diabetes and worried about the myth that you’ll eventually need a limb amputated? Let’s set the record straight and explore the reality of diabetic nerve damage in the legs and feet.

While it’s true that uncontrolled diabetes can lead to nerve damage, it’s not a guarantee. However, being aware of the symptoms can help you take control of your blood sugar management and prevent complications.

So, what are the signs of diabetic nerve damage in the legs and feet?

1. Tingling Sensations

Pay attention to any unusual tingling feelings in your lower legs and feet, whether you’re active, resting, or inactive. This could be a sign of nerve damage, so don’t ignore it! Schedule an appointment with your doctor or check your blood sugar levels.

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2. Burning Sensations

A burning sensation in your legs and feet, like pins and needles, is not just a normal morning feeling. It could be a sign of nerve damage, which, if left untreated, can lead to amputation.

3. Cold Feet and Legs

If you notice your feet and legs are unusually cold, it’s time to take your blood sugar management seriously. This is a sign of nerve damage, and ignoring it can lead to severe complications….S££ MOR£

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