When you’re trapped in a sinking car, panic can easily set in, and it can be challenging to think clearly. However, there are certain things that you should never do if you want to make it out of the situation alive. Here are five things you should avoid doing:

1. Don’t waste time trying to call for help: When you’re trapped in a sinking car, time is of the essence. Instead of trying to call for help, focus on getting out of the car as quickly as possible. You can call for help once you’re out of the car and on solid ground.

2. Don’t try to open the door: When a car is sinking, the water pressure outside the car is much stronger than the pressure inside the car. This makes it almost impossible to open the door. Instead, you should roll down the window and escape through it.

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3. Don’t wait for the car to fill up with water: Some people believe that they should wait for the car to fill up with water before trying to escape. This is a dangerous myth. The more the car fills with water, the harder it will be to open the window or door. Escape as soon as possible.

4. Don’t remove your seatbelt too early: It’s important to keep your seatbelt on until you’re ready to escape. The seatbelt will keep you from being thrown around the car as it sinks, and it will make it easier for you to swim to safety once you escape.

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5. Don’t panic: Panicking will only make the situation worse. Stay calm and focused, and do everything you can to get out of the car. If you find yourself struggling, take a deep breath and try again…..See More

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