It is a well-known fact that military jets travel at supersonic speeds, and accidents may occur for one reason or another. But, have you ever wondered how jet pilots survive a crash?

Military jets are some of the most amazing planes ever built, and this is not only because they are easy to maneuver but also their ability to perform one of the most important military operations which have to do with air-surface missile launches.

So, while on a mission and the jet develop a fault or comes under attack that may cost the life of the pilot on it, there is a technology the jet is build with that can help to escape safely, and this is what I want to share with you in this article.

When a fighter jet malfunctioned or lost its engine in mid-air, the pilot had to stay with it until it crashed, and this often leads to the loss of not only the multi-billion dollar jet but also the pilot, and it’s for this reason that engineers devised the Ejection seat, which could launch the pilot out of the plane in the event of a crash.

Anastase Dragomir invented the modern ejection seat in the late 1920s. It is an important tool in the cockpit of a military jet. The seat ejection button is located between the pilot’s legs.

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How does the Ejection seat work?

The modern ejection seat is made up of three parts:

1. Catapult.

2. The Rocket.

3. The parachute.

When the pilot detects a fault in the plane that could lead to a crash, he or she immediately presses the ejection button beneath the seat. The catapult ejects the seat out of the jet, and while in motion, the rocket activates, propelling it to a higher altitude away from the burning jet, and finally, the parachute system does the rest and safely lands the pilot.

If the pilot is ejected to a high altitude where breathing becomes difficult due to thinner air, the ejection seat can provide oxygen to the pilot for a limited time. Ejection from a fast-moving jet is similar to jumping from a fast-moving car, and we all know how dangerous that can be, but it is better to save your life than to die….S££ MOR£

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