The Bible is God’s Holy Book, and it contains so much wisdom that if you start reading it, you will be able to finish it. Numerous fundamentals are discussed, such as our origins, the proper way to live, and many others.

There are four males in the Bible who were neither born to women nor thought to have been conceived by a woman, yet they were all significant figures in God’s history.

1. Elijah, the Prophet

Second in the Bible is Elijah, who suddenly emerged and began preaching and re-establishing God’s special raised zone on the earth. Everyone agrees that he is a mighty man of God who made it to paradise without ever having to die, but no one knows who he is, where he comes from, or what nation he belongs to.

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Elijah suddenly appears during Ahab’s reign and announces that God will send a drought as a punishment for Baal worshippers’ devotion to the sun. For help deciding who to worship, Elijah seeks advice from Baal’s prophets. According to folklore, Elijah “wins” when his petitions to Jehovah are answered. The Israelites commit genocide against Baal’s priests.

2. Melchizedek

Due to his status as the first human we had ever seen, this individual possessed tremendous influence. The book of Genesis tells us that Abraham was sent to conquer the rulers of Chaldea, and it also tells us how he met Melchizedek and why he decided to give him a meal.

Different Christian groups contend that Melchizedek was either a type of Christ or the actual Christ. The author of Hebrews claims that Melchizedek is both a “king of peace” and a “king of righteousness” because of his rule as king of Salem. The Bible makes it abundantly plain that he is a priest of the highest God and not of any particular ethnic background..…S££ M0R£

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