Meet Professor Musawenkosi Saurombe, the youngest PhD holder in Africa, who achieved this incredible feat at just 23 years old. Her journey to success is marked by resilience, hard work, and the sacrifices made by both herself and her family to support her academic dreams.

Born in Zimbabwe, Professor Saurombe set out on her PhD journey at a very young age. Enrolling in college at 15, she earned her first degree by 19 and continued her academic pursuits to eventually achieve a PhD in industrial psychology.

However, this journey wasn’t without its challenges. Overcoming social constraints and making personal sacrifices, like her father selling his car during her third year, became part of her success story. Being the youngest student in her classes also presented its own set of hurdles.

Africa's youngest female PhD holder: Musawenkosi Saurombe | Africanews

Yet, despite these difficulties, Professor Saurombe remained focused on her academic goals. She called North-West University in South Africa her academic home, where she etched her name in African history by becoming the youngest PhD holder.

Beyond her academic achievements, Professor Saurombe is a post-doctoral researcher and a youth activist. She leverages her position to inspire and uplift young people, especially young women, encouraging them to pursue their dreams despite challenges.

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Reflecting on her journey, Professor Saurombe says, “I hope that my story can be a guide for young people, especially young ladies, facing similar challenges.

Anything is possible with effort, determination, and support from loved ones.” Her story serves as a powerful reminder that age is just a number, and with hard work and dedication, anyone can reach their goals. Professor Saurombe’s success is not just hers; it’s an inspiration for us all….See More

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