In a sermon during the Midweek Communion Service, Bishop David Oyedepo, the General Overseer of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, emphasized the indispensable role of the Holy Spirit in the life of a believer.

Speaking on the theme “Unveiling the Hidden Ministries of the Holy Spirit 3,” Bishop Oyedepo declared that it is not merely church doctrine but a fundamental truth that every believer is utterly powerless and vulnerable without the Holy Spirit.

He said, “Every believer is powerless, utterly powerless and vulnerable without the Holy Spirit. This is not Church doctrine. This is the Word.”

Bishop Oyedepo highlighted the Holy Spirit as the power of God that destroys all satanic yokes and bondages. Citing Luke 4:14, 18, and 33, he illustrated how Jesus returned in the power of the Spirit with a mandate to break every satanic yoke.

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“The power of God that destroys all satanic bondages resides in the Holy Spirit,” he affirmed, underscoring that the term ‘anointing’ signifies empowerment by the Holy Spirit.

Through an evocative song, “Send a great revival to my soul… Let the Holy Spirit come and take control,” Bishop Oyedepo reinforced the necessity of the Holy Spirit’s presence. “The devil doesn’t believe in grammar; he only bows to power,” he stated, emphasizing that without the Holy Spirit, believers remain powerless, despite their knowledge and teachings.

Bishop Oyedepo further explained that the Kingdom of God advances not through eloquent speech but through divine power, referencing Psalm 66:3.

He pointed out the need for God’s power in navigating the challenges of a wicked world, stating, “It takes power to travel safely in this wild wicked world… to secure our glorious destiny.”

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He concluded by stressing the urgent need for divine power to end the wickedness that besets believers, as reflected in Psalm 7:9 and Psalm 74:20. “You don’t have to offend them; they are just out to hurt you, they are out to kill, steal, and destroy,” he warned, urging believers to seek the Holy Spirit’s empowerment for protection and fulfillment of their destinies….S££ MOR£

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