According to a post on Facebook, in a powerful message delivered by Bishop David Oyedepo during the Covenant Day of Vengeance Service at Faith Tabernacle, Canaanland, he emphasized the importance of unwavering faith in Jesus Christ for experiencing supernatural breakthroughs. Speaking on the theme “Engaging the Manifestation of the Holy Spirit for Supernatural Breakthroughs 2,” Bishop Oyedepo underscored that many believers remain grounded because they add something else to Jesus, undermining their faith and inviting instability.

Bishop Oyedepo began by referencing Isaiah 61:3, explaining that true beauty and breakthrough come after divine vengeance. He asserted that favor and breakthroughs often follow divine judgment against one’s enemies. “Vengeance always precedes favor. After vengeance answers from heaven, Israel was launched into realms of favor. They spoiled the Egyptians,” he said, illustrating that divine intervention often leads to significant blessings and breakthroughs.

Drawing from his 55 years of walking with Jesus, Bishop Oyedepo highlighted the pitfalls of diluting faith with other beliefs or practices. He cited James 1:8, emphasizing that a double-minded person is unstable in all their ways. “The reason why many are grounded is that they are adding something else to Jesus in secret. God sees your secret more than He sees your outside,” he warned. Bishop Oyedepo urged believers to settle their faith wholly in God, assuring that divine settlement follows such unwavering commitment.

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Recalling a personal testimony, Bishop Oyedepo recounted how some individuals had plotted his death years ago, unbeknownst to him. However, divine judgment intervened without his knowledge. “Judgment answered without my invitation, without my information,” he said. The orchestrator of the plot and his associates faced severe repercussions, highlighting the biblical principle that God fights for His own. “Anyone that plans your death will die in your place,” he declared, assuring believers of God’s protection and justice.

Bishop Oyedepo also emphasized the significance of serving God as a means of securing one’s life and destiny. Citing Exodus 4:22-23, he encouraged believers to embrace stewardship opportunities, noting that serving God provides divine protection and ensures a fulfilled destiny. “When God takes over your battle, forget about your enemy. They will smell,” he proclaimed, emphasizing God’s capacity to utterly defeat the enemies of His people.

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The bishop’s message also focused on the necessity of engaging the Holy Spirit for supernatural breakthroughs. He taught that the manifestation of the Holy Spirit is for the believer’s profiting, referencing 1 Corinthians 12:7. He urged believers to earnestly covet the gifts of the Holy Spirit, which empower them for victorious living. “The Comforter literally means Helper. This Helper now lives in you and me,” he explained, stressing the importance of the baptism in the Holy Spirit.

Bishop Oyedepo concluded by reiterating that the Holy Spirit is the believer’s indwelling Helper, providing constant support and guidance. “When you are baptized in the Holy Ghost, your help is within you. You can’t forget Him,” he said. He encouraged believers to embrace the Holy Spirit’s presence in their lives, ensuring they are never vulnerable to the wickedness of the enemy….S££ MOR£

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