Remember Jaguar Paw played by Rudy Youngblood.

Snake Ink played by Rodolfo Palacio, the cult leader!

Middle eye by Geraldo Taracena, the one who was second in command.

Seven played by Dalia Hernandez the wife of Jaguar Paw who was trapped inside the water well.

Blurred played by Jonathan Brewer. The friend of Jaguar paw who died by cutting his head off.

Flint sky played by Morris Birdyellowhead

Turtles run played by Carlos Emilio Baez the son of Jaguar Paw

Jonathan’s wife

Village girl

Mother in law

Although the movie is originally in a language that we don’t understand. But we get to read the translations and get to understand the whole concept of the movie.

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It is about two tribes. The good and the bad. The bad attacked the village of the good people and took the men and women hostage. Leaving behind the children to fend for themselves. But as we always know goodness wins….S££ MOR£

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