Shrek is an animated movie which was acted under inspiration of the French man named Maurice Tillet. Tillet was a fighter who married a princess. Shreks creator then decided to inspire his character in him, a valiant ogre who lived many adventures.

Similarly to Shrek movie, Shrek used to live in swamp before a proposal by Lord Faquad landed on him to rescue princess Fiona from the dragons den inorder to redeem his swamp when all locals where re-alocated to it, under the rule of Faquad.

The movie is very inspirational and motivational, on top of that, it has dramatic characters that keep the movie fantastic and funny, such as Puss, a character whose voice was played by a mexican actor, Antonio Banderas, of which he is mostly known for starring Once Upon A Time In Mexico, Desparado and Mask Of Zorro 2, while Donkey character was voiced by Eddie Murphy, who happened to act Coming To America, Beverly Hills Cop, Doctor Dolittle, Professor and many more.

The Shrek has 4 parts of which the 4th was announced a last one and it also brings most fun….S££ MOR£

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