Jennifer and June were born in April 1963, and soon after, their parents noticed something wasn’t quite right with the two of them. Aubrey and Gloria Gibbons were troubled by the children’s behavior despite the fact that the twins had just recently been born. The two women kept to themselves and only spoke to one another. They were unable to communicate even with their parents.

When the “silent twins” reached the appropriate developmental stage and elected not to speak, they earned the nickname “silent twins.”

They had created a language that only the two girls could comprehend and had stopped speaking to anybody else. The two females had grown close to one another and had stopped talking to each other.

According to the parents, their two twin daughters would communicate by making strange noises that would indicate a problem. When the sisters were teenagers, they had a fully established communication system and had turned to actions like refusing to speak to strangers, refusing to read or write, and frequently copying one another’s behavior.

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In an effort to control the behavior, parents sent the two girls to separate boarding schools, which made matters worse. They would occasionally even stay in bed until a group of people drove them out of the house, but usually they would seek out isolation. They had to be reunited at some point.

The two sisters, who were quiet by nature, were gifted writers who, when left alone, would produce plays and books, some of which were later published.

After some of their works were published, the two made the decision to try out the world. They started using drugs and getting into trouble, which resulted in their arrest and allegations of arson.

They were each sentenced to a 12-year term at a facility that also acted as a mental health facility. She asserts that the twelve years they spent there were the most horrific of their lives. They attempted to break out of the prison using all means possible, including writing to the queen and their parents, but they were always unsuccessful.

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Eventually, they were transferred to Broadmore Hospital, but before they could depart, Jennifer passed tragically from heart failure. June told the CEO of Broadmore that Jennifer had given her permission to die so that June may have a normal life.

After Jennifer passed away, June began interacting with others and is now able to live a typical life like anyone else….S££ MOR£

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