The Owner of Temmy Autos, Temitope Ogunsawo initiated the arrest of Nigerian Artist, Habeeb Okikiola who’s popularly known as Portable over a 14 Million debt from a N27 Million Mercedes Benz car deal with the singer. He alleged that he had received numerous warnings against doing business with Portable but he chose to ignore them out of compassion and a belief in Portable’s potential as a budding talent.

He expressed his frustration over the installment payments made by Portable which rendered the funds essentially wasted. He stated that he had no choice but to arrest Portable after the singer stopped picking his calls and showed unwillingness to pay his debt.

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He said in an interview with Punch, ”It was quite an ordeal before I was able to apprehend Portable as I could no longer tolerate the situation. Imagine a business involving N27M and he began making payments of just N1M or N1.5M in instalments. The money was essentially wasted. Following this, he stopped making payments. I continued to call Portable but he would not pick up my calls. On the rare occasions he did answer my calls, he resorted to cursing and verbal abuse.

This is the first time I experienced such an ordeal. Even if someone who is not a Celebrity approached me to purchase a car and explained their payment plan, we would collaborate and make the process transparent, unlike this. Many people warned me against doing business with Portable but I did not listen. I am compassionate and I viewed him as a budding talent which is why I engaged in business with him. Unfortunately, he betrayed my trust.”…..S££ MOR£

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