During his sermon at the Leadership Empowerment Summit, Bishop David Oyedepo, the founder of Living Faith Church, shared with his congregation what they must do to survive the hard times in the country.

According to him, tireless obedience to every instruction God will give is the only way to survive the hard times. He explained that obedience to God’s every instruction will save a believer from anti-Covenant imaginations.

In a video from 1 hour and 13 minutes he stated “Everybody is suffering in this country; it won’t come near you. Nobody will drive again in this city; it won’t come near you. I can’t even put on light again because the cost will kill me; it doesn’t come your way,” he declared.

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He continued by sharing an experience of God’s supernatural provision during times of scarcity in the country.

“We were looking for baby food in those days and we couldn’t find. And God said ‘Give all you have as a seed.’ What a commandment. Give all you have anywhere as a seed. We did. 24 cartons of baby food arrived the following day,” he shared….Sée Móre

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