When saliva leaks out of the mouth accidentally, it is called drooling. After a restful night, it’s not unusual to see a spit mark on the pillow. The reason for how frequently this occurs will shock you. Those affected by this issue are all too familiar with the dreadful drool stain on the pillow and the necessity to clean the lips upon awakening.

As far as doctors are concerned, what does this mean

A pillow with dried saliva on it is a telltale sign that you haven’t been getting enough sleep. This is the case if you have no trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep all night. That means your dream flowed smoothly from start to finish.

Perhaps you’ve also noticed that resting on one’s back results in far less saliva production than sleeping on one’s side. Because saliva pools in the back of the throat when sleeping on one’s back, this can happen.

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Drooling and saliva overproduction can also be brought on by allergic rhinitis and food sensitivity.

According to research, acid reflux causes an abnormally high salivary flow by activating the esophagus with gastric acid, which in turn induces the esophageal saline reflex.

Possible causes of excessive salivation include sinus infections. Drooling is a common symptom of upper respiratory tract infections, which cause the body to produce excess saliva.

With a congested nose from the flu, you may find yourself breathing through your mouth more than usual, which can lead to nightly saliva leaks.

Sleep apnea may make life challenging. Sleep apnea is characterized by frequent nighttime awakenings, gasping for air, loud snoring, and or drooling. You should see a doctor if you experience any of these signs.

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How to stop drooling in your sleep?

If you’re having trouble falling asleep, try lying flat on your back. When you sleep on your side, you increase your risk of drooling. Gravity causes you to sleep with your mouth slightly open, which leads to drool collecting on your pillow.

When taking a breath, focus on doing it through your nose. Nasal or sinus congestion is a common cause of excessive drooling. This could cause some people to start drooling and breathing through their mouths….S££ MOR£

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