We all have witness different fashion over the years. however, fashion has always been a bit strange and unusual following the modification of different fashion trends.

While fashion creators and artists have always tried to find the strangest and most original fashion expression on how to shock the public, this article has been able to put together the weirdest and funny fashion styles for your viewing pleasure. Check them out below:

If you take a careful look at the weird fashion attire above, you will notice that the person wearing it is all covered up from head to toe with only a space for the eyes. Also, there are several faces at the lower part of the garment which makes it even more scary.

The pink man in the photo below seems to be a lover of pink colour as even the dolls he has on his sides are pink.

You’ll agree with me that the fashion outfit below (wearing short pánts on a coat) is not only weird but hilarious.

From the photos displayed above which of them do you think is the weirdest form of fashion….S££ MOR£

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