Nigerian actor Dike Miracle Chidi, otherwise known as Chidi Dike, recently took to Instagram to express his heartfelt appreciation for actress Ruth Kadiri.

According to Chidi Dike, he said “she stepped into my life and flipped my whole world”

In a post accompanied by a photo of the two, where he is seen pecking her on the cheek, Chidi Dike revealed how Ruth Kadiri had a profound impact on his life.

“She stepped into my life and flipped my whole world… words fail me every time, but you know I love you, mama,” Chidi Dike wrote in the caption of the photo.

He went on to refer to her as his queen, mentor, and mother, emphasizing that he didn’t need a special occasion to demonstrate his appreciation for her. He concluded his post by declaring it the best picture one would come across online that day.

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Chidi Dike made it clear that Ruth made a great impact in his life and career.

This public declaration of gratitude comes as a reminder of Ruth Kadiri’s instrumental role in Chidi Dike’s career.

It was Ruth who introduced Chidi Dike to the Nollywood industry and provided him with his first movie role.

Chidi Dike took this opportunity to acknowledge and thank her for all she has done to support and uplift him.

The Instagram post quickly gained attention from fans and followers, who flooded the comments section with messages of support and admiration.

Ruth Kadiri inturn responded to the appreciation post Chidi Dike made….S££ MOR£

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