Do you think your guy is thinking about you right now? Every lady hopes the answer is yes, but if it isn’t, there are a few things you can do to make your man always think about you, even if he has a hectic schedule. If your man is constantly thinking about you, it means he adores you and can not bear the thought of life without you.

The things you can do to keep your man obsessed with you are as follows:

1. Don’t always be present. The common saying that you don’t value what you have until it is no longer within your reach is indeed true. If you must make your man miss you, do not always be present.

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2. Do not respond to his text message right away. By doing so, he will be forced to start thinking about you, thereby making him miss you.

3. Remind him of your previous romantic events or conversations you had with him. This will make him reminisce about those moments and, as a result, he will crave to be with you.

4. Show him affection and compliments. When you are with him, treat him with love and care, make him feel special. This is enough reason for him to miss you.

5. Don’t always take yourself too seriously. Be playful and create many memorable moments with him.

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6. Send him pictures of things that make him laugh or smile.

7. Message him first thing in the morning. Sending your partner some romantic text first thing in the morning or the last thing at night is one of the best ways to make him miss you and also think about you.

8. Pay close attention to him. Just in the way that women desire attention from men that they are in love with, most men also need such attention from their women. A woman who wants to make her man love and miss her when she is not around should be able to give him enough attention while she is still with him….See More

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