In a recent video on Facebook, Rev. Fr. Mbaka drew inspiration from an ancient biblical event to deliver a powerful message of divine protection and intervention. Referring to a dramatic episode recorded in the Book of Joshua, Fr. Mbaka reminded his congregation of the time when the Israelites, under siege by their enemies, witnessed an extraordinary act of God’s intervention. According to the Bible, God sent hailstones from heaven, decimating the enemy forces.

He emphasized that this miraculous event was a testament to God’s unwavering commitment to protect His people. He further encouraged the faithful to hold steadfast in their belief, confident that they are cherished and protected by God.

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According to him, “Do you remember when the Israelites were being embattled by the enemies and the Bible says God sent forth stones from heaven? Through this, the stone fell on the enemies and they died. On this note, when God wants to secure you, the heavens will fight your battle. Because you are the apple of God’s eyes….Sée Móre

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