You might be surprised to learn that Lucifer, also known as Satan, wasn’t always the villain we know today. In fact, the Bible says he was once a powerful and beloved angel of God.

Lucifer was created by God as a holy angel and was considered the highest of all angels. He oversaw music in heaven and had access to the most sacred places. God cherished him like a son, and he performed his duties well. However, Lucifer’s beauty and reputation went to his head, and he became proud and arrogant.

His desire to equal God and sit on the throne led to the first act of evil against his creator. He convinced nearly a third of the angels to join him in his rebellion against God. This led to a war in heaven, where Michael led God’s army against Lucifer and his followers. Lucifer was expelled from heaven, along with his followers, and God assigned them to hell.

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Despite knowing Lucifer would seek revenge, God created humans and placed them in the Garden of Eden. Lucifer, unable to handle the close relationship between God and humans, disguised himself as a snake and deceived Eve into eating the forbidden fruit, causing humanity to fall.

Both Lucifer and humans committed the same sin desiring to be like God. However, humans were unaware of the consequences and lacked knowledge of good and evil. God showed mercy and promised to atone for their sins.

Lucifer inherited Adam’s reign and governed the world, fueling his anger towards humans, who were created in God’s image. He devised lies, false gods, and turned humans against each other. Despite his efforts, God chose not to destroy Lucifer but instead achieved victory through the death of his son, Jesus Christ, providing redemption for humanity.

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Satan continues to exist and cause harm, but God finds glory in those who choose Christ over Satan’s promises. Satan’s lies, including the doctrine of evolution, aim to keep people away from God.

As time runs out, Satan pushes harder to win souls. Our priority should be saving our souls from eternal damnation, rather than seeking wealth, fame, and admiration. Remember, the battle between good and evil is ongoing, and we must choose what’s most important….S££ MOR£

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