Before giving you the reasons why tummy belts don’t look good on you, I’ll tell you the various reasons why you should wear them from time to time.

Tummy belts are usually worn for several reasons, which include;

Beauty: Tummy Belts can be used to add beauty to your physical appearance by combining them with the right outfit. For instance, if your clothes are green, you can use a black belt because these two colors usually go together.

To hold the tummy; this one is usually done by women who don’t want people to know about their big tummy.

As an accessory, they are used to compliment the outfit.

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Your tummy belts don’t look good on you for the following reasons:

1. You don’t care about the color; the color of your belt must match your outfit, otherwise you won’t look as beautiful as you wish. If you do not really know how to combine colors perfectly, ask for advice from a more experienced person.

2. You haven’t been wearing the high-quality and physically attractive ones….S££ MOR£

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