Pastor W.F. Kumuyi, the General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, recently addressed his members on inclusivity and understanding towards sinners in the church in a sermon titled, “Forgiveness And Peace From Christ, Our Saviour.”

In the video from 18 minutes, His emphasized allowing sinners to express themselves freely and letting God work in their hearts without imposing strict outward standards. He said, “We must allow them to express themselves the way they are and allow the conviction of the word of God to drive them to the Saviour.”

Drawing from the biblical account of Simon inviting Jesus into his house but not into his heart, Kumuyi posed a reflective question to his listeners: “If you were there, what would be your attitude or response?”

He highlighted the story of a sinful woman who approached Jesus without pretense or adherence to religious decorum. Despite not covering her head or following traditional rules, she sought Christ earnestly, illustrating that outward appearance should not overshadow the need for spiritual salvation.

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Kumuyi cautioned that churches might be guilty of focusing too much on external appearances, such as ensuring women cover their heads, rather than addressing the deeper need for soul salvation.

He reminded his congregation that in the biblical account, Jesus did not criticize the woman’s appearance, nor did His disciples act as barriers, preventing her from reaching Him.

“Christ did not condemn her situation, and the disciples did not act like ushers, neither did they push her away from Jesus when she approached Him,” Kumuyi explained.

He warned that church members could inadvertently hinder someone’s path to salvation through their carelessness, stressing the importance of acting as bridges to the Saviour rather than barriers.

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Kumuyi urged his workers to question their worship practices and consider if they are truly welcoming to sinners. He challenged them to invite and accept people as they are, without imposing strict rules and regulations.

“We must learn that if sinners are going to be converted, we must bring them to the Saviour the way they are,” he stated.

In his closing remarks, Pastor Kumuyi emphasized the critical role of the church in facilitating genuine conversion by fostering an environment where individuals can encounter Christ authentically and without judgment….Sée Móre

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