In a recent post on Facebook, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome emphasized the importance of studying and meditating on the Word of God, highlighting its transformative power in the life of a believer. Speaking to his congregation, Pastor Chris explained that immersing oneself in the scriptures not only reveals the inheritance available in Christ but also allows one to fully experience and enjoy all that God has provided.

Pastor Chris further explained that celebrating one’s inheritance in Christ is a powerful act that can silence the adversary. “Celebrating your inheritance and all that Christ has done for you is one way of silencing the devil,” he noted. This act of celebration and recognition of Christ’s work can fortify one’s faith and resist negative influences.

According to him, “As you study and meditate on the Word, not only will you discover your inheritance in Christ, you’ll also be able to relate with, and enjoy, all that God has made available to you in Him. Live in your inheritance in Christ. Celebrate it. Celebrating your inheritance and all that Christ has done for you is one way of silencing the devil.”

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He encouraged believers to continuously delve into the Word, as it serves as a guide and source of strength in their spiritual journey. By understanding and claiming their divine inheritance, Christians can navigate life with greater confidence and purpose, fully aware of the spiritual riches at their disposal….S££ MOR£

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