Nigerian singer Harrysong has revealed the role that Nollywood actress Destiny Etiko played in his marital woes with his ex-wife, while also stating some of the things that the Nollywood star sent to his ex-wife’s DM that led to their breakup.

In a video from (2:46 to 4:21). that was posted on the official Instagram page of actor Stanley_Ontop while appearing on an Instagram live video, Harrysong disclosed that Destiny Etiko told his ex-wife to break up with him, and she introduced her to singer K-Cee, who was giving her money.

“In his statement, he said, “My ex-wife and Destiny Etiko have chatted about different things that I later found out.

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“She told my ex-wife to bring me down and that she has a beautiful face and she needs to be a super star in Nollywood.

“Destiny Etiko told my ex-wife to leave me, she gave her to K-Cee, who was giving her money.”….S££ MOR£

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