In a recent video on Facebook, Pastor Benny Hinn emphasized the profound significance of the blood of Jesus as the pathway to God. Drawing from the book of Hebrews, he highlighted that believers come to God through a “new and living way” opened by the sacrifice of Christ.

He meticulously detailed the seven times Jesus shed His blood, each instance revealing a critical aspect of His redemptive work. The first shedding occurred in the Garden of Gethsemane, where His sweat became drops of blood as He prayed fervently before His arrest. This moment reflected the intense agony Jesus faced as He anticipated His impending suffering and sacrifice.

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According to him, “The way to God is through the blood. And in the book of Hebrews, we are told we came through the blood through a new and living way. Jesus shed his blood for you and I seven times. First was in Gethsemane when his sweat became blood. The second was in the house of Caiaphas when they beat his face and tore his precious bread off. The third was when they put the crown of thorns upon his head. The Fourth was when they whipped his back for our healing. The fifth was when they nailed his hands to the cross. The sixth was when they nailed his legs to the cross and the seventh was when his side was opened by the spear.”….Sée Móre

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