United Arab Emirates residents have taken a liking to an AI-powered robot that was made publically available as a component of a Dubai Police force unit. It operates on an automated system that aids in identifying and reporting the locations of crimes by photographing crime scenes and sending them to the police department’s control center. It can be correctly evaluated in this manner.

The robot can monitor Dubai’s tourist attractions and commercial malls for criminal behavior and can instantaneously report crime scenarios to any police unit in the city thanks to its embedded video camera technology.

The public can benefit from utilizing the robot to make reports and pay penalties thanks to its chest-mounted touchscreen interface. It is easy to use, accurate, and speedy.

It is now easier for police officers in Dubai to deal with and address crime-related problems because of this new technology, which allows them to monitor precisely what is occurring at a crime scene.

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I think new developments of this kind will help increase public safety in addition to reducing crime rates….S££ MOR£

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