DJ Cuppy, the eldest daughter of Nigerian billionaire and accomplished business magnate Femi Otedola, recently disclosed her current relationship status, shedding light on why she relishes the independence that accompanies being unattached and not serving as someone’s accompanying partner.

In a post shared on CuppyMusic’s official Instagram page, she expressed her appreciation for the newfound sense of liberation that being single affords her, emphasizing the absence of the obligation to fulfill the role of another’s “plus one” in a romantic partnership.

In her statement, she remarked, “I’m truly beginning to relish weddings now that I’ve reached the age of 30. I cherish the autonomy that comes with singleness and the absence of being tethered to someone else’s arm as their plus one.”

DJ Cuppy’s declaration signifies her current unattached status and underscores her preference for awaiting the right individual rather than entering into a relationship where she is regarded as a secondary choice….S££ MOR£

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