Popular Yoruba movie actress Habibat Jinad has revealed her relationship status since she lost her late husband, while also stating how she has been struggling alone as a single mother.

In a video that was posted on the official YouTube channel of Oyinmomotv during an interview, she made it known that she has been a single mother since she lost her late husband seven years ago, saying that being a single mother has not been easy for her.

In her statement, she said, “We were not together for 10 years before the death of my late husband.

“I was really sad when he died, and for a month I couldn’t tell anybody except those who are close to me.

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“I have been a single mother for the past 7 years since I lost the father of my child.

“To be a single mother isn’t easy, I always give kudos to women who are single mothers because of the struggles they face every day.”….S££ MOR£

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