Former presidential spokesperson Doyin Okupe shared his battle with cancer during an interview with Channels Television. Okupe revealed that this is the second time he has faced cancer in his life. His first encounter with the disease occurred 16 years ago when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Recently, he was diagnosed with cancer affecting the soft tissues of his right shoulder.

Despite these significant health challenges, Okupe expressed his unwavering faith in God. He emphasized that his strength and resilience come from his deep belief in God’s power and the teachings of Jesus Christ. This faith, he said, has been his anchor through both battles with cancer in the video starting from 2:52.

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Okupe made it clear that his recovery is not just a personal victory but a testament to divine intervention. He highlighted his belief that nothing is impossible for the Lord God Jehovah, using his own experiences to encourage others to maintain their faith, regardless of the trials they face.

He said, “I didn’t beat cancer; this is the second time I am having cancer. The first one was 16 years ago—prostate cancer; now this is one of the soft tissues of my right shoulder, but in all this, I bear witness to God and to Jesus Christ. God says, I am the maker of heaven and heart, the God of all flesh. Is there something impossible or difficult for me to do? I testify to the fact that whoever listens to me and believes what I say, there’s absolutely nothing that Lord God Jehovah cannot do.”….S££ MOR£

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