In a recent video on Facebook, renowned evangelist Pastor Benny Hinn recounts his experience at the Catacombs, a sprawling church in Canada, where he witnessed a profound shift from freedom to legalism, leading to the devastation of countless lives.

Pastor Hinn recounts the chilling moment when the congregation, once united in freedom, splintered into factions of legalism. He expresses profound sorrow for the lives irreversibly altered by the insidious influence of legalism. He emphasizes the importance of discernment in spiritual teachings, cautioning against doctrines that undermine the essence of true freedom in Christ.

According to him, “When I was young I went to a church in Canada. It was a massive church called the Catacombs. I saw 3000 people experiencing freedom. But something happened after a man came up to the pulpit to teach about submission. After the teaching, the beautiful 3000 members of the church became a church of a small hundred. Some of them were bound to legalism. This has destroyed lives of so many people today.”….Sée Móre

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