In 2017, Pixee Fox embarked on a remarkable journey of self-transformation, opting to undergo the removal of six ribs as a pivotal step in her quest to metamorphose into a living animation character.

With a specific aspiration to emulate the iconic Jessica Rabbit, Pixee underwent a surgical procedure aimed at achieving a slender 14-inch waist, forming a crucial part of her broader plan to reconstruct her body in the likeness of her animated muse.

The commitment to this aesthetic transformation led Pixee Fox to invest a staggering £80,000 in a series of 17 surgeries. Among these transformative procedures were a £6,000 rib removal, four breast augmentation surgeries, a Brazilian butt lift, and labioplasty.

The result of these interventions is a striking physical appearance, featuring a remarkable 16-inch waist and an impressive 30J bust—physical attributes that align with her enduring dream of embodying the characteristics of her beloved animated heroine.

Pixee’s journey into the realm of surgical enhancements began in 2010 when she first underwent eyelid, nose, and breast augmentation procedures. Despite the inherent discomfort associated with such interventions, she remained undeterred, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to her vision of transformation.

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In a television appearance, Pixee defended her fixation on the process, revealing a personal evolution from initially opposing such procedures to ultimately embracing them as a passion. In her own words, she transformed from a skeptic to a pioneer in the field, determined to redefine conventional beauty standards.

Undeniably, the surgical path Pixee Fox has chosen involves its share of pain and recovery challenges. However, her resilience is evident as she remarkably returned to wearing a corset just two days after her most recent procedure, proudly measuring her waist at the targeted 16 inches.

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