A Former Commissioner for Information and Communications in Rivers state, Ibim Semenitari has alleged that the Commissioners appointed by the Rivers State Governor, Sir Siminalayi Fubara should demonstrate more allegiance to his office rather than to any minister.

She identified that this is because the commissioners are serving at the discretion of the office of the state governor and, therefore, their primary loyalty should reflect that relationship. She further criticized the media for portraying lawmakers as loyal to the FCT minister, noting that these legislators were elected by the people of Rivers State to serve their constituencies. This misrepresentation in the media, she argued, skews public perception and undermines the proper functioning of elected officials.

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She said in an interview with The Sun, ”You hear people saying some Commissioners are loyal to the FCT minister. If I appoint you as commissioner, your loyalty should be to me and not to any minister because you serve at my pleasure. When the media people write, they say lawmakers loyal to the FCT minister but they were elected by Rivers people to serve their constituencies. So if a name keeps coming up in the conversation, then rightly or wrongly, you might find people eating that this is the man (Wike) causing the trouble.”….Sée Móre

Let No One Call Them Names They Have Raised The Bar High, Perhaps The Highest Since 2012 – Nwankwo

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