Israeli researchers have created a prototype chicken without feathers or skin, allowing it to be healthier, grow faster, produce less waste, and adapt to warmer temperatures. Since feathers wouldn’t be manufactured, no resources would be used to dispose of them.

Their wild ancestors probably didn’t lay more than a dozen eggs a year, but modern layers have had a lot of genetic engineering done to make them lay 300 or more eggs a year.

The average weight of a meat chicken now is around three kilograms, or roughly twice as much as a chicken from 60 years ago. They reach adulthood in about six weeks, when it may take a bird in the 1950s up to fifteen.

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Due to scientific manipulation, eggs from these hens now contain human proteins. They changed their DNA so that their children would be born with more protein.

Protein-based cancer therapies such as Herceptin and Avastin can be helpful when conventional drugs have failed. The immune system and damaged tissues in the body both benefit from this. They use chickens that have had human DNA implanted into them….S££ MOR£

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