In a recent interview on Arise TV watch the VIDEO From 07:27, lawyer and political analyst Frank Tietie discussed the constitutional provisions related to Nigeria’s local government system, highlighting potential actions that President Bola Tinubu could take.

He referenced the actions of former President Olusegun Obasanjo as an example of how the President of Nigeria can wield significant influence over state affairs. He suggested that President Tinubu could adopt a similar approach to enforce proper local government administration. He explained that President Tinubu could leverage his authority to ensure states comply with constitutional mandates regarding democratically elected local councils. Tietie mentioned that this kind of executive power, though unconventional, has precedent in Nigerian governance.

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Tietie proposed that President Tinubu could withhold federal allocations to states that fail to conduct proper democratic elections for their local councils. This measure would pressure state governments to adhere to constitutional requirements and hold democratic elections. By using this strategy, President Tinubu would be following in the footsteps of former President Obasanjo, who employed similar tactics to enforce compliance with federal directives. This approach would address the ongoing issue of state governors hijacking local government functions.Tietie emphasized that such decisive actions by the President could help restore proper local government administration in Nigeria.

Hear him: “As president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria just like former president Obasanjo did, he (President Bola Tinubu) should have exercised this kind of strange powers, and said look, ‘we are withholding the allocation of those states that have not conducted proper democratically elected council.”….S££ MOR£

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