Yoruba movie actress Mo-Bewa has revealed what a woman should be able to offer a man in return before she could demand a certain amount of money from him, while also stating the struggles that men are going through in relationships.

In a video that was posted on the official Instagram page of Mo_Bewa, she made it known that any lady who cannot afford to give a man ten million naira should not demand five million naira from him.

In her statement, she said, “It is now like a gender war against men, to the extent that some ladies think men are now supposed to give us the air that we breathe.

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“Some women say that what a man can do, a woman can do better, but you have to have something and be certified enough to be in the position to insult someone for not having it.

“Any lady who can’t give a man 10 million naira shouldn’t demand 5 million naira from him.”….S££ MOR£

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