Throughout my experience, I have never seen anyone who made it by giving up. Successful people are strong, they don’t easily give up in the face of challenges because they know that the future is bright. Life has a way of testing those who wishes to be great. At first, it may seem like all hope is lost but if you can be able to endure those hard times, things will start looking up, trust me! This article was written to encourage you never to lose hope.

1. People are counting on you.

Giving up is never an option because many people are looking up to you. Your family, friends and well-wishers are all waiting for your star to shine, this is the main reason why you should keep pushing. The challenges of life are many, it requires some form of self-encouragement for one to make it, you should always encourage yourself and remain hopeful because one day, your tears shall turn into joy.

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2. Your success story will motivate others.

Reading the stories of successful people who rose from nothing to something tend to motivate me. You are advised to remain positive in life because many people have passed through the same situations as you, and they didn’t give up. When you make it in life, your story will inspire people.

3. You’re not the only one that is passing through hard times.

No matter how bad you may think your situation is, I want you to know there are people who have passed through worse. You should always be thankful to your creator because the plans he has for you is of good, not of evil.

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4. You’re a destiny helper to others.

We all are created with talents which will greatly benefit others when utilized. Giving up on your dreams will not only limit you, it also goes a long way to affect those who you’re destined to help.

5. Challenges don’t last.

Sometimes challenges are just tests which we’re supposed to pass for us to progress. I want you to understand that challenges just like every other thing has an expiry date, it doesn’t last, this is the reason why you should never lose hope.

6. Your time is coming.

There’s time for everything in life, and when it’s time for success you’ll know. Many successful people we know today came from poor background and Just like them, your story will change. You just need to be hardworking and determined because your blessings are on the way….S££ MOR£

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