Communication is key in any relationship, but some words can hurt and damage your connection with your partner. As a partner, it’s essential to be mindful of what you say and how you say it. Here are 8 things women never want to hear:

1. “You’re overreacting.” This dismisses their feelings and makes them feel unheard.

2. “I’m not interested in your opinion.” This makes them feel disrespected and unvalued.

3. “You’re being too emotional.” This reinforces harmful stereotypes and makes them feel misunderstood.

4. “You’re not good enough.” This erodes their self-esteem and confidence.

5. Body shaming comments like “You’re too fat/thin.” These hurt their self-worth and can lead to negative self-talk.

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6. “You’re not as good as her.” Comparing them to others makes them feel inadequate and unappreciated.

7. “You’re not as good as I thought you were.” This criticism makes them feel like they’ve failed and can lead to further conflicts.

8. “You always/never do this.” Generalizations can be hurtful and don’t acknowledge individual circumstances. Remember, words have power! Instead of hurting or dismissing your partner, listen, acknowledge, and respect their feelings and opinions….Sée Móre

Here Are 5 Things You Should Never Do As A Young Lady

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