When it comes to catching a lady’s eye, even the smallest things can make a big difference. But beware! A few slip-ups can send your chances plummeting. Here’s a rundown of what to steer clear of:

1. Avoid Mentioning Other Women

If you’re into a girl, don’t talk about other women. It’s a big no-no that can make her uncomfortable and doubt your feelings for her.

2. Keep Past Dates Brief

While she might be curious, don’t delve too deep into your dating history. Keep it simple and avoid oversharing, as it could raise red flags and scare her off.

3. Avoid Parental Approval Talk

Saying things like “my parents would love you” might come off as if your folks are pulling the strings. Keep the focus on you and her, not your family’s opinion.

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4. Don’t Confess Too Soon

If she hasn’t shown interest, hold off on pouring your heart out. It’s likely to lead to a “No” and might make things awkward.

5. Be Mindful Of Gifts

Fragrances or clothing might not always hit the mark as gifts. Some women might find them off-putting, so it’s best to tread carefully in this area.

6. Keep Language Simple

Don’t try to impress her with fancy words. Using complicated language might just confuse her. Keep it simple and straightforward to ensure she understands you….S££ MOR£

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