Rice is a carbohydrate rich food that is widely consumed by lots of people around the globe. It is one of the most loved dish ever and most people can hardly go a day without eating rice. However, research and studies by food scientists have proven that, rice isn’t as healthy as it ought to be. In fact, it is one of the foods that increases the blood sugar level of a person and can also cause high blood pressure and diabetes.

This is because white rice is packed with lots of unhealthy calories and starchy carbs which might prove to be harmful to the body. But it can be easily adjusted into an healthy diet if you follow the right procedures. There are some ways you can cook this delicious food for it to be healthy and nutritious to the body and that is what I’ll share with you guys today. See them below;

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1. Parboil the rice.

Parboiling your rice will help to reduce the amount of unhealthy starch and carbs available in it. Apart from starch and carbs, parboiling the rice also helps to remove bacteria, toxins and fungus that might have been in the raw rice.

2. Filter the parboiled water and put a fresh one.

After you must have parboil the rice for not less than 5 minutes, filter out the starchy water from the pot and put in fresh water. Turn up the heat and start cooking for real this time.

3. Add some coconut oil inside the pot of boiling rice.

Coconut oil is very much capable of adding amazing nutrients to your white rice. Research has shown that, coconut oil can decrease the amount of starch available in your rice and also slash the amount of calories in it.

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4. Add high fibre vegetables to your cooked rice.

No matter how unhealthy a food might be, adding some leafy vegetables to it would really help a lot to improve its nutritional and medicinal value. And that is the same story for white rice. After cooking your rice, always add your vegetables to it for more nutrients….S££ MOR£

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