The FCT Commissioner of Police, Ben Igweh has alleged that in the Maitama area in FCT, armed robbers could reside next door to senators by occupying unfinished structures.

He stated that these criminals take advantage of buildings left roofed or decked but not fully completed, using them as makeshift shelters. He noted that the incomplete state of these structures provides the bandits with a temporary refuge, making it difficult to detect and evict them.

He said in an interview with Channel TV from minute 16:35, ”What we are doing now is that we are raiding the uncompleted building in the FCT. You can’t believe that in the Maitama area, the next neighbor to a Senator is an armed robber because he’s living in a building that the owner did not complete.

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They will just go there and hang something on the window and start sleeping because the house is either roofed or decked. What we are planning to do is to continuous raiding. Let Court be fining them and let them pay. One day they will be tired of paying fines and start building the houses.”…..Sée Móre

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