Nigerian controversial marriage therapist, Blessing Okoro, popularly known as Blessing CEO has taken to social media to disclose that unmarried people like herself are now the ones that are devoted to their partners, unlike the set of people that have settled down already.

Blessing CEO who made such disclosure through a video uploaded on her official Instagram account few minutes ago, reacted to a confession of a woman that she is having an affair with her husband’s driver and her last son belongs to him, as she advised men not to marry women that are not working because “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.”

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Speaking further, Blessing CEO revealed that any man that is slééping with another man’s wife is carrying a burden, adding that;

“We the single ones are now the faithful ones, the married ones are no longer faithful. I’m talking from experience, especially in this Lagos that we are living in.”

Blessing CEO then stated that one should not be faithful because of anybody, adding that faithfulness is a discipline that has to be inculcated even before marriage….S££ MOR£

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