According to various articles, the practice is used by Mursi and Surma (Suri) women in Ethiopia. The traditional lip plates of the Sara and Lobi Tribes of Chad’s women are well-known.

When women of the Mursi tribe reach the ages of 15 or 16, they may have their lips clipped. The lip is then sealed with a little clay plate. The size of their lip plate determines how beautiful their women are.

There is proof that women wore the discs in this area as early as 1896. At the age of 15 to 16, the treatment, which also entails pulling out the bottom two teeth, is carried out.

The Ethiopian government has recently made steps to outlaw the discs, and there are reports that younger generations are using them less frequently. The meaning of the discs is complex. They are made to entice husbands and give a dowry for the wife’s family, who supply a contingent of cattle in proportion to the size of the disc.

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I believe that it is a question of pride in the community. The disc’s impressiveness increases with size. Throughout the world, youth compete with one another.

However, the only rite their males must perform is body painting. The man has battled and slain enemies, and each scar on his body reveal that….S££ MOR£

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