A woman with exceptionally large hands has astonished many with her condition. Each of her arms weighs 1.5 tons, leading medical professionals to deem her as having the “world’s largest hands.” Duangjay Samaksamam, a native of Thailand, operates a small business in the Surin province. Her limbs have permanently swollen due to a rare and debilitating disease she has endured for over five decades.

She struggles with daily activities, such as walking, due to the immense weight of her arms. Simple tasks like combing and washing her hair are incredibly challenging because of her heavy hands. Getting dressed is also painful and demanding.

During the first 20 years of her life, the 59-year-old woman concealed herself from the world due to the shame associated with her illness. She avoided school due to her appearance but eventually emerged from seclusion to support her family. As the eldest child, she took over the family grocery store and became its manager.

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Numerous surgeons from around the world have attempted to reduce the swelling through surgeries, yet none have succeeded. Some medical professionals advised amputating her hands to improve her mobility, but she adamantly refused.

Duangjay was born with Lipomastosa, the medical term for her condition, Macrodystrophia. This ailment causes an abnormal accumulation of weight in her hands and arms. Despite undergoing multiple procedures, her condition has only worsened. Dr. Eiju Uchinuma, a plastic surgeon, noted the rarity of her case and confirmed that she is the sole known individual with Macrodystrophia Lipomatosa affecting both of her arms, from shoulders to fingertips. Unfortunately, the disease remains incurable due to its unknown origin….S££ MOR£

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