The tallest people in Africa are neither Ethiopians nor Tutsis from Rwanda. They are referred to as the Dinka people and are found in South Sudan. You would be astounded by this native Sudanese’s height if you visit south Sudan. They are taller than 6 feet; in fact, if you stand next to them, you will appear to be a dwarf.

The largest ethnic group in south Sudan is the Dinka, who reside along the Nile. They have a sizable expatriate population overseas. One of numerous Nilotic languages spoken in the eastern Sudan, “Dinka” signifies “people.” With a few extensions, it is written in the Latin alphabet.

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The stature of the modern Dinkas has decreased due to fighting and malnutrition, yet it does not imply they are not the tallest people in Africa. They are still thought to be the tallest people in the world, as contrast to Europeans who are generally considered to be quite tall.According to certain comparison height assessments, the Dinka are the tallest people on earth.

Although they lack a central governmental authority, they do have independent clans that are connected. Here are some photos of the Dinkas.

The clans with responsibility for producing ceremonial chiefs and head hunters….S££ MOR£

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