Footballers are occasionally subjected to terrifying occurrences that have the potential to take someone’s life. Francis Kone is a Togolese footballer who has been dubbed “God’s Angel” for saving the lives of several footballers whose lives were in jeopardy.

Kone has saved the lives of four sportsmen who were on the point of swallowing their tongues during a game during his career. For those of us who are unaware of the seriousness of someone swallowing their tongue, any human being swallowing their tongue can be fatal.

During football games, we’ve seen players who have almost lost their lives while attempting to swallow their tongues unintentionally. Such situations might be frightening for those who observe them.

Kone has been dubbed a “lifesaver” because his quick thinking and willingness to help has saved the lives of his fellow footballers on multiple occasions. Kone claims that while playing football in Thailand in 2011, he saved the lives of three players, and that he also saved the lives of two other players in Abidjan in 2013 and 2015.

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It’s worth noting that when Kone rescued the lives of footballers in Thailand and Abidjan, the action was not captured on camera. The fourth time Kone saved a player’s life, however, the entire team witnessed everything that happened that day.

In 2017, during a Czech top-flight football match between Slovacko and Bohemians 1905, an event occurred. Kone was a member of Slovacko, whereas the victim was a member of Bohemians. When the game first started, fans of the Bohemians were racially insulting Kone, calling him a monkey every time he touched the ball.

Martin Berkovec, the Bohemians’ goalkeeper, almost swallowed his tongue as the game progressed. Kone could have disregarded Martin Berkovec as he nearly died on the football field, but he chose to put the racial hatred behind him and assist a fellow player who was fighting for his life.

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When Kone noticed what was occurring to Martin Berkovec, he intervened quickly. Martin was immobile, and his eyes were drawn inside. Martin wasn’t doing well, and Kone knew it. Kone had seen players almost swallow their tongues before, and he knew Martin was having trouble keeping his tongue in his mouth.

Kone ignored Bohemians fans who called him a monkey and worked to keep Martin’s tongue from being swallowed. Martins’ life was saved by Kone as he pushed his hands farther into his mouth.

The medical team for Bohemian stated after the game that Kone’s quick response saved Martin’s life. Martin bit Kone as Kone was trying to make sure he didn’t swallow his tongue, and it was difficult to grab his tongue because the saliva made it slippery.

Following the incident, the Bohemians presented Kone with a medal in appreciation of what he had done for them. The Bohemians also expressed regret for how their fans abused Kone. Kone’s daring gesture was honored by FIFA in October 2017, when he was awarded the FIFA Fair Play Award for helping to save a man’s life amid fan insults….Discover More

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