Senator Athan Achonu, former candidate of the Labour Party in the recent Imo governorship election, has stated that women should be given more opportunities to lead in Nigeria. He said he was happy to see a lot of women in important roles, especially in the judiciary, where they handle critical cases.

In a recent report by The Sun, Senator Achonu shared an example from Abia State where a woman helped to protect the democratic process. He said during the governorship election, enemies tried to sabotage the electoral process and stop Alex Otti from winning but a woman who served as the Returning Officer ensured that the true result of the election was announced. He said women can help save and strengthen Nigeria’s democracy.

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In Achonu’s words: “It was a woman that saved Alex Otti in Abia when enemies of the state wanted to thwart the will of the people. Otti would not have been declared winner of that election if not for the woman that served as Returning Officer”….Sée Móre

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