According to the report from the Sun, a chieftain of the All Progress Congress, Pastor Reuben Wilson shared a personal anecdote to illustrate the severity of the inflationary situation in Nigeria.

He described a recent shopping trip where he spent N300,000, only to realize that he was unable to purchase many basic items due to soaring prices.

He used this experience to emphasize the seriousness of the economic crisis and the urgent need for President Tinubu to take action to address the rising cost of living.

He said, “I am saying this because I witnessed it live. I went to the market two weeks ago to buy things myself because my wife always complains that things are too expensive. I said let me go and witness things myself and I went to the market with N300,000. I could not get much from the market. My personal assistant said, ‘Oga the money has gone’. I said yes o, we have not got anything. So people are dying, people are suffering. So there is a serious need for Mr. President to look into this aspect because the cost of things in Nigeria has now increased 10 times.”….Sée Móre

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