Veteran Nollywood actor Jerry Amilo shared his experiences and contributions to the Nollywood industry, particularly during its formative years. He recounted the support he provided to his colleagues, including prominent Nollywood actors and actresses.

In a video posted by 3ple E Nolly TV on YouTube From 0:54, Amilo highlighted his role in nurturing talent and supporting the industry’s growth. He revealed that he was responsible for feeding and transporting many prominent figures in Nollywood. His efforts played a significant role in the discovery and development of several superstars during that period.

He specifically mentioned notable actors like Alex Usifo and other respected figures in the industry. Amilo described how he would prepare food daily for his colleagues, ensuring they were well-fed while working on projects. He also mentioned how he would load his car boot with money to provide for their needs, reflecting his commitment to the industry’s welfare.

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Hear him: “I was feeding and transporting everybody (prominent Nollywood actors and actresses). A lot of our super heroes in the industry where discovered during that period, the likes of Alex Usifo and our baba them, every other young artist, Tony One Week, name all of them. Everyday, I make food for them and I load my boot with money.”….Sée Móre

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