In his interview with Business Day Nigeria, a Nigerian weaver, Endurance Ochowe, shared the story of how he went blind but moved beyond his disability to live a productive life.

Sharing the origin of his ordeal, Ochowe said, “I was not born blind, but while I was growing up, I noticed that I could not see the board clearly from the back area of the class. Therefore, I often sat at the front. I saw signs that my sight was not quite good, and I told my parents. However, they did not show interest.”

He continued, “I became blind after my neighbor slapped my left eye during a disagreement. Immediately, the eye got blind, while the other eye got blind within a week. I went for a medical checkup, and I was told that I would require N100,000 at the time for an eye operation. Since my parents were not financially buoyant, they decided that we should pray for a miraculous restoration of sight.”….S££ MOR£

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