Soldier is not for faint hearted or weak people at all. Being a soldier comes with a difficult task and many pains. Militaries around the world puts their trainees into an extreme and stressful test to make them come out strong and fearless. Soldiers generally have to endure training that is mind blowing and tough in order to prepare them physically and mentally strong before coming out. There are numerous of cases some did not made it after the training.

 No one said that joining the military would be easy or so simple, and this article is going to prove to you just how intense it can actually be.

1. The Road To Heaven

the ‘Road to Heaven,’ is one of Taiwan’s most brutal military training events. This training however is regarded as the most painful final training. Taiwan’s marine corps’ “Road to Heaven,” is the final stage of a grueling 10-week amphibious training program. In order to become “frogmen,” candidates must crawl 164 feet over jagged, porous, coral rocks in a pair of shorts and shirtless. In the course of the crawling the instructors will pour salty water on you and this will cause extremely pains in the sore you will obtain in the drill.

2. Jumping Through A Ring Of Fire

Incredible pictures show Chinese soldiers jumping through rings of fire during training | Weird | News |

This intense training of jumping through a ring of fire is one of the toughest military trainings in many countries but it is well known from China. In this training the Instructors sets a blazing and hot fire around a ring for the trainees to jump through them. This act can cause severe burns if one fails.

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3. Breaking Of Hard Bricks

The most intense, death-defying military training exercises from around the world | BusinessInsider India

The Japanese martial art of Tameshiwari involves breaking of bricks or wooden planks. This act is mainly known in the Asia countries. Recently North Korea showed their intense military training of soldiers breaking bricks and wooden planks with their heads and bare hands.

4. Drowning In A Pool With Tied Hands

An Ex-Navy Seal Explains How to Survive If You're Thrown Into Water With Your Hands And Feet Bound

This scary training is being practiced by the US-Navy Seal military. This training is one of the deadliest training in the world. As the trainee hands and legs are being tied tightly and later thrown into a deep swimming pool. In this act the soldier is said to free him or herself and swim back. Many people have however loss their life due to this training.

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5. Swimming In A Frozen Water or Ice

South Korea's special forces trudge through frozen river, ski with rifles in extreme winter weather training | National Post

This intense training is mostly done by the South Korean military force. The trainees are forced to swim in a cold and ice water in order to prepare them for any weather situation in a battle field. This act is so deadly as someone can freeze to death.

Some of the military drills and trainings may seem tough but they are valuable to put recruits in the best shape possible. All the training drills that we have mentioned are supposed to build up physical and mental endurance in the soldiers that are partaking in them….S££ MOR£

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